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'In-between' is a text-based adventure game made by Hannah Sinton, a student studying in Glasgow. This game was made as part of the Graded Unit of her current course.

It was written and coded, with some assistance from Google, by her. The art was done by the incredible Nick Chrissis.


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A bit unfinished, I managed to trigger a couple errors and found a blank passage (both related to the kelpie on the safer route). Overall good though, and managed to complete the game by backspacing until I could choose the faster route.

Thanks for the feedback! Do you remember what other errors you ran into? I fixed the blank passage issue, I just forgot to put the correct file as the playable one since I was fixing other small issues my friends ran into.

Oh, I think I found them! When you got a game over on the slow route, you were unable to progress when starting the slow route again and there was an if error in a passage because I messed up the quotation marks. Fixed both of them! Thanks again. :)